What Does a Doula Actually Do?

May 11, 2020

What is a Doula?

A Doula is a non medical professional that aids and supports mothers throughout the pregnancy, labor , delivery and postpartum process . A Doula does not provide medical care nor deliver, They are a birth companion and advocate for both the parents and child.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Benefits of hiring a Doula

  • They protect and advocate for your rights and wishes, ensuring not to deviate from your birth plan .
  • They help you prepare for labor , which is essential for first time mothers
  • They are trained in natural pain management techniques to help you through birth
  • If you are wishing to have an unmediated natural birth,a Douala assists pain management techniques
  • With a Douala you are 60% less likely to have an epidural and 50% less likely to have a c-section

Doula is also great support for your partner

A Doula is a great resource for first time parents because they educate new parents on what to expect as well as resources available to them. In addition to support for the mother Doulas also support the ir partners as well by teaching counter pressure techniques, coaching , massages or even communicating for you when you cant. in summary a Doula is a wealth of knowledge and support because they have seen a wide variety of births both in and out of hospitals , therefore a great help and wealth of knowledge throughout your pregnancy , birth and postpartum period.


Melissa Branch

My name is Melissa and Iā€™m a certified Doula and Mother of two from Las Vegas, Nevada. After graduating college with a degree in Finance, I started working with youth at UNLV. then on to teaching elementary school for several years before finding my passion as a Doula since then both my career and life was changed forever!


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