Miracle Uses for Breast Milk

May 11, 2020
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Unbelievable uses for  Breast-milk

Did you know that your breast milk contains the power to do more than just properly nourish your little one? Breast milk is full of enzymes , fats and antibacterial properties making it the perfect home remedy for you and your baby in countless ailments .  Here five unconventional uses for breast milk that will save you time , money and brain power.

Milk soaps: help gently cleanse your skin with out drying it our or throwing off your skins natural PH with lye so why not use your own breast milk it contains more fat than cows milk, which will help make a creamier soap with tons of benefits for your skin and babies.

  • Lotions and butters : I know they say stretch marks are well earned tiger stripes some of us have earned during pregnancy or puberty. However I personally was not a fan when the appeared in my last trimester. There are steps you can take to minimize stretch mark formation during your pregnancy, but it’s likely that you’ll need to treat them after your baby is born. There are many chemical laden creams and retinols that promise to treat stretch marks but unfortunately can find there way into your blood stream hence into your breast milk so why not use your own natural breast milk for smooth stretch mark free skin.
  • Treat Cradle Scalp: Cradle scalp is caused by a fungal infection of the sebaceous glands. The antibodies in breast milk can act as an anti-fungal to treat cradle cap.
  • Heals sore chapped nipples and helps your baby latch. Breast feeding for the first time can be troublesome for you and your baby, an incorrect latch can not only cause pain but sore or chapped nipples. Your breast milk can help heal your sore nipples with antibacterial properties like natures Neosporin. Just  squeeze  a few drops and gently rub over your nipple. Let your nipples air dry before covering with your bra or nursing pad.
  • Clear up congestion: If you have a baby smack in the middle of cold and flu season like i will its good to know natural remedies instead of using one of those pesky gross bugger suckers experts suggest clearing up congestion by carefully squirting a drop or two up babies nose.

By now you get the big picture breast milk  can be used for many things besides nourishing your baby from  chapped lips, nipples , and eczema , to sun burns and diaper rashes. Breast milk can help almost any skin condition . With so much effort, pain and sometimes tears in learning how to nourish your little one , you do not want to let a drop of that liquid gold go to waste. So why waste it in nursing pads? This is 2019 instead use a milk saving device like Lacti cups to catch the extra let down and put natures miracle to work for you. Once you and your baby get into a flow and you have a river of milk supply, there are a ton of uses for excess milk besides taking up space in your freezer until expired or your baby is ready to use it.

Kay Thomas-Harper

New Mom on a mission to improve and shed a positive vibes on of health, womanhood,and community. Motherhood has improved my understanding of womanhood and increased my passion to help other women who like me road to motherhood has been windy one. You are not alone and it is my goal to build a community of love, and empowerment to help each other, so no woman feels alone in the storms of life and motherhood.

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