5 Maternity fashion tips

May 11, 2020

Try it always.

    Time for a closet overhaul: While most mamas can still fit most clothing up to 12 weeks. I would suggest you start cleaning out that closet and prioritizing some of your larger sizes. You will be surprised how many pieces you can wear well into your pregnancy. I completely boxed anything I knew I wouldn’t be wearing for a year. Doing this will not only make space in your closet, but mental space as well for those tired mornings or pregnancy brain. As your belly grows this will also help you find what fits easier without having to try on a million outfits when you have 10 mins left to get ready In the morning because you spent all  morning hovering over a toilet with morning sickness. It was so much easier for me to get dressed by only looking at a few pieces instead of my entire closet.  Getting organized is a life saver in each trimester.

1. Comfort is key there are a few necessary pieces you should have in your arsenal for comfort and convenience while pregnant. If you are like me and you want to wait until that twelve-week to fourteen week mark, to announce your pregnancy then you will need a good scarf in the winter or light cardigan if its summer. I was able to hide my second pregnancy for up to 5 months using those trick and I've witnessed first time moms go even longer than that.

2. Other essentials you will need are maternity underwear and new bras. I suggest just biting the bullet and getting nursing bras now.

3.  A good pair of maternity pants go a long way. You can get away with large tops or even your husbands’ sweaters and button downs for your entire pregnancy, but a good pair of maternity jeans and or leggings will take you far. into your pregnancy . Plus, they can be paired with almost any thing, dressed up or down and good for all seasons.

4. One of the best perks of pregnancy for those of us that have been a part of the itty bitty committee our whole life is the extra cleavage. Trust me those girls won’t be around forever so enjoy them while you can by choosing the right cut tops and enjoy.

5.  Accessorize Add a lavish necklace to your new found cleavage, or a stylish maternity belt to a top or dress to help define your shape and highlight your slimmest point as well as accentuate that growing bump It's a figure flattering trick that never fails. The right pair of earnings can also shape and slim a puffy pregnant face.

Alicia Rosales

Mom of 4 boys, fashion buyer for the Village brand, Model for Twelve_thirteen images, and thrifting enthusiast.

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