Breast Milk Soap Recipe

December 23, 2019

Do you have tons frozen breast milk that needs to be used up.? Don't waste all that precious liquid gold by pouring it down the sink. You can read all about the many miracle uses for breast milk here. If you would like to reap some of those benefits quick and easy way to make  breast milk soap that lathers without lye and leaves you and your baby's gentle skin soft , blemish free and clean! The basic ingredients for soap are any variety of oils and fats, and base.


  • Your choice of no Lye soap base i like to use white Glycerin from hobby lobby
  • 1 cup of breast milk
  • 3 oz. coconut oil
  • shea butter
  • your choice of essential oils

Tools Needed

  • Glass Bowl
  • microwave
  • Spatula or mixer
  • measuring cup
  • kitchen scale
  • soap mold

What to do next

step 1: Heat 1/2 lb. of your preferred soap base slowly in a wax warmer or the microwave. Stir carefully careful not to burn or overheat.

step 2: mix 1 cup of thawed breast milk with soap base until smooth and creamy.

step 3: add 3 oz. of coconut oil and stir until all ingredients are well mixed together.

Step 4: Add desired quantity of essential oils or exfoliates.

Step 5: Pour Mixture into molds and refrigerate overnight.

Feel free to add exfoliates such as oats or coffee depending on your child's age and sensitivity

Kay Thomas-Harper

New Mom on a mission to improve and shed a positive vibes on of health, womanhood,and community. Motherhood has improved my understanding of womanhood and increased my passion to help other women who like me road to motherhood has been windy one. You are not alone and it is my goal to build a community of love, and empowerment to help each other, so no woman feels alone in the storms of life and motherhood.

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